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“Advanced Spinal Rehab (ASR) is different from other chiropractic care. Being a scoliotic patient, I have always been treated for my symptoms (back, neck pain) but not so much for my curve. When I came to ASR, I was told that both my symptoms and curve could be treated using different types of rehabilitation techniques. I have been seeing Dr. Scot Sorum for three months now and I have seen a lot of improvement with my symptoms, curve and body overall. My curve has decreased by 20%. With time, I was told that my curve could decrease even more. I have had a wonderful experience at ASR and this is just the beginning of my journey to a straighter spine.”


- Ashvin G.



“Our relationship with ASR first began when we moved our CrossFit business next door in August 2015. Dr. Scot pulled me in and did a full work-up with X-Rays on my neck and spine. I had been having tightness and pain in my right shoulder from overuse in training for the CrossFit Games. I have since been coming in regularly for treatment (mostly for the right side of my neck down to the shoulder) and the pain has greatly decreased. I’ve been receiving the Myo-Therapy treatment at ASR along with adjustments. Time is an issue for me and in just 30 minutes I am able to get a full-body soft tissue treatment along with a chiropractic treatment designed specifically for me”


- Janice S., 5-Time CrossFit Games ‘Masters’ Competitor



“We first came to ASR because our daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis and had a 42-degree curve. Our options were a full body brace for 23 hours a day or surgery. My research showed that the brace was somewhat effective to straighten the spine but the muscles would atrophy which defeated the purpose once the brace was removed. Also, the embarrassment and emotional toll this had on teenagers was also a serious factor to consider. Another option was surgery but putting rods in my daughter’s spine was terrifying to us and research shows that after a certain number of years, the rods can break which causes horrible issues and pain in the adult years. For us, neither of these sounded reasonable so I researched other options and found Advance Spinal Rehab. Dr. Scot and his team were the answer! They are committed to changing the way we treat scoliosis and with their positive attitudes and fun approach have made this journey so much more enjoyable for our daughter. Through hard work and reasonable exercises, now our daughter has reduced her curve to 20 degrees and is enjoying life to the fullest!”


- Venisa F.



"Dr Scot and his team are so much more than a traditional chiropractic clinic. Each session is more physical therapy with a clear, logical path to recovery. I drive 2 1/2 hours each way because ASR has been so effective in helping me control my migraines."


- Dion G.



“I highly recommend ASR. I came in last year because my normal chiropractor was unable to help me as I became incredibly ‘locked up’ and in severe pain. For the next three months I was hardly able to drive or walk without a cane. Dr. Scott and the whole team at ASR were able to properly diagnose me, gently heal me physically and were always there emotionally offering support while I was scared and in intense pain. I always carry Dr. Scot's card with me wherever I go to make sure when someone is having back trouble I send them to him. He's taking great care of my husband and myself, I couldn't have recovered so well without this great team! I have moved 60 miles away and still make it a point to leave my peaceful mountains to drive to Bellevue just to receive amazing care.”


- Violet H.



“I met Dr Scot over 10 years ago when I had severe neck and thumb issues due to DJD and Osteo-Arthritis. Since then, my neck and back are well maintained with regular exercise at home and periodic clinic visits. My thumbs have NO pain and full function! Yes, this treatment takes time and commitment, but it is well worth it!  Dr Scot is extremely knowledgeable, up-to-date, positive and a great partner in health.”


- Nikki B.



“For several years prior to going to Advanced Spinal Rehab, I visited your everyday chiropractor several times a month to help with back pain, stomach problems, and my scoliosis. We were never informed of the severity of my curvature or given a clear picture of all the side effects it was causing and would cause in my future. As my parents began to visibly watch my scoliosis grow progressively worsen at my young age, my mom found ASR online and decided that it was worth a try to take me to see Dr. Scot. Now, approximately 8 years later, my stomach problems are long gone, I have the ability, on a daily basis, to help my back pain go away naturally, and my scoliosis is 20% better. Not only that, but as long as I work hard and am dedicated, I have hope for a long-term solution for my spine. I still have a long road ahead, but I am confident that the team at ASR will walk with me with smiles on their faces every step of the way as my spine gets straighter and straighter.”


- Janessa H.



“Dr. Sorum does amazing work for his patients.  I am currently seeing him due to a car accident and he has helped my pain immensely.  When I first came in, I was barely able to sit down because my pain was so severe.  Now I am able to sit and do most normal daily activities, and I am looking forward to full recovery in the upcoming months.  Dr. Sorum is very professional, knows his trade very well, and is always learning how to do better work on his clients by attending seminars and workshops.  Not only does he do great work, but he also cares about his clients personally as well.  When I am in need of a good laugh because my pain is so great, he's good for that too.  Dr. Sorum's attitude is one of empathy, encouragement, and determination to get his patients better.”


- Laura C.



“When I retired in 2002 I was committed to getting healthier.  My personal trainer referred me to Dr. Sorum because she thought I had some alignment issues. She was right! A traffic accident years before and my job sitting at a computer had taken a toll on my body.  With Dr Scott's help, I avoided surgery for low back issues. My monthly "tune-ups" allow me to enjoy an active lifestyle which includes lots of travel. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and helpful support from all the staff at Advanced Spinal Rehab”


- Ruth S.



“I searched the internet looking for an alternative to surgery for treating severe scoliosis. The thought of surgery was terrifying and research confirmed that surgery is not successful long term. I found the site called the “Clear Institute” for scoliosis; it was this site that led me to Dr. Scot, his clinic and the Pettibon System. My own chiropractor was skeptical of the treatment program so I put it off for a time; but I just could not get it out of my mind that I needed to go to the clinic even if it was 4.5 hours from my home. I am a 64-year old female who felt like my only other option was surgery. How could therapy change my spine at this age? As I looked at other clinics in the program I kept being directed back to Dr. Scot.


I am so glad I listened to my instincts. Thank you, God, for getting through my hard-headedness. In May of this year I took the leap of faith and made the appointment for a consult. I spent 2 weeks going through the Intensive Therapy phase of the treatment plan. At the end of the 2 weeks we had corrected my curve 7 degrees. I was astounded at the correction, and the bonus was having LESS PAIN. I am now 4 months into my treatments. With the home therapy program and a monthly visit back to the clinic, I am ecstatic to say we have corrected my curve another 8 degrees--a grand total of 15 degrees!


Dr. Scot is so dedicated to his patients. He works long hours inside and outside the clinic with ongoing education so he can help give us the tools to improve our spine health, and we honor him by doing our home therapy. The clinic is an open floor concept which is engaging for interaction with other patients. We all work hard, support each other and have a bit of fun doing so. Dr. Scot is a bit of a character and so is his main guy, Davin (never ask Davin how much time is left on the timer haha). Georgette, the Office manager, is such a sweet soul who keeps the clinic running smoothly and answers many of our concerns. I am so grateful to Dr Scot, Davin and Georgette for their love and dedication to their patients. Words do not begin to convey my gratitude for their presence in my journey through scoliosis. They have given me 15 degrees of hope and counting.”


- Linda M.



“I have been a patient of Dr. Scot’s for the past 6 years.  I was 53 years old the first time I saw Dr. Scot and had upper back pain for the previous 30 years.  When I was 19 years old I decided that I wanted to know why I limped.  At that time I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who x-rayed me and diagnosed me with scoliosis.  The doctor was concerned and said that my curvature was severe enough that I should have been braced, however that at age 19 I was too old.  He advised me to “watch it”, get periodic x-rays and exercise; at this time I wasn’t in pain


At age 30 I was in pretty bad shape. I had tried Rolfing, Active Isolated Stretching, a Tens unit, yoga, weight training, chiropractic, Graston Technique, acupuncture, inversion, and physical therapy.  With all of the things I tried, my pain would get better, as long as I kept exercising. Whenever I stopped exercising, even for a day, the pain returned--I was in the gym for 4 hours a day! I liked working out, but could not continue the pace.


So, 6 years ago I ended up at Advanced Spinal Rehab.  One of the first things I noticed (and was impressed with) was that Dr. Scot actually read my patient intake form before he talked to me and had already examined x-rays that I sent ahead of my visit; it’s sad, but no other health care professional that I have seen concerning my pain had done this. Dr. Scot explained that my main problem was my neck and not the scoliosis. The scoliosis was an adaptive response to a crooked neck.  This all made so much sense.  I really felt that I had finally gotten an answer to what was causing my pain!


My rehab and exercises at Advanced Spinal Rehab are just what I needed to be doing.  It is a great combination of stretching, strengthening, traction and neurological reconditioning (that was the main piece that was missing for me) and great chiropractic.


Now that I have stabilized I have been able to back off my rehab exercises to the point where I can work out at the gym again and run too. I now see Dr. Scot every 3 or 4 months and am still stable.  I find it to be a real boost to see others at ASR with body issues that are so similar to my own.  There is a real sense of camaraderie in the clinic (from both the staff and patients) that is wonderful and keeps me going when I am doing my workouts at home. Dr. Scot also periodically tweaks what I am doing at home so that I am targeting my problem areas more exactly.


An example of a major improvement is that last summer my mother-in-law treated our family to a vacation in Africa. This involved sitting on a flight for 16 hours, plus lots of bouncing around and sitting in vehicles for hours a day while we looked for animals.  Before Dr. Scot, this trip would have caused me so much pain that I would not have enjoyed it.  I was a little worried about not doing my rehab exercises for 2 weeks, but was pain free the whole time and was easily able to catch up on my rehab when I got home.  Thanks Dr. Scot!”


- Karina R.



"I’ve been dealing with chronic neck pain and stiffness for at least 20 years. Chiropractic visits were helpful, but just not enough. My pain got so debilitating that I was referred to Dr. Scot at Advanced Spinal Rehabilitation. I’m happy to say I was out of pain and have been able to get back to my normal activities. Dr. Scot’s comprehensive approach has been to retrain the spine and muscles to get them in the proper position and function much better. My before and after x-rays visibly show my spine going back into place, and that was just after 5 months. I recommend Dr. Scot to everyone I meet who is having back pain. In fact, I started bringing my teenage boys to Dr. Scot when I noticed their posture getting increasingly worse from cell phone and laptop use. Their x-rays showed fairly serious misalignments for kids their age, and are now doing corrective treatments to retrain their posture and set them up for a lifetime of healthy spines."


- April P.



"I came to Dr. Scot at ASR as a 54-year old with a history of scoliosis related back pain.  Up to that point I had received other chiropractic care as well as SOMA therapy to help mitigate the chronic back pain that I had been dealing with all of my life.  Due to unresolved and escalating pain, it had become clear to me that my back was in a degenerative state and what I was doing for treatment up to this point was not having a permanent positive effect.  Upon seeing a reputable orthopedic doctor, I was diagnosed with a compressed disc in my low back with the only solution being surgery to remove that disc and fuse my spine between the vertebrae involved.  I was told by this orthopedic doctor and physical therapists that there is no recovery from disc degeneration and compression.  Being a very active person who rides horses, does dog sports, hikes, bikes and swims, surgery seemed very drastic.  I also have heard from many people in my life that this kind of surgery is not always effective leaving me fearful that my active lifestyle would be permanently compromised if I had this kind of surgery.


Fortunately, after a lot of soul searching regarding my options, serendipity stepped in and through a family member’s chiropractor, I was referred to Dr. Scot.  Highly skeptical, I made a phone call and was surprisingly encouraged to come to a consultation which further convinced me that I had a viable option to surgery.  After 6 months of intensive therapy, my back pain is greatly reduced overall and the curvatures in my spine are less.  The compressed disc shows very visible recovery on x-ray and I am ½ inch taller than I’ve ever been in my life.  I will continue therapy as per Dr. Scot’s recommendation in hopes of continued healing for my spine and further related improvement in my overall quality of life.


I am truly grateful to Dr. Scot’s incredible dedication to his life’s work.  It is very rare these days to find someone in a healing profession that is so genuinely committed to helping people heal without invasive procedures.  I tell everyone I know about this clinic in the hopes that more people can benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and genuine care that I’ve experienced at ASR."


- Gay S.



"I am beyond thankful to have found Dr. Scot and Advanced Spinal Rehab. I have suffered from scoliosis pain since childhood, and it has limited me in the things I was able to do. I was pretty much crippled. I couldn't do the exercises I wanted to do, and if I stood all day I would be dying of pain.


He has put me back on my feet to where I can bounce around like a ball all day and be pain-free as long as I continue my home exercise program that I received from Dr. Scot. I tried so many chiropractors before him and felt hopeless because none of them were able to help me get where I wanted to be, and I wanted to be pain-free at least 99% of the time.


If not for Dr. Scot, I don't know where I would be today! He isn't just a doctor to me; he is a great person who you can talk to. Dr. Scot is wise and has a ton of life experience and is always there to support his patients and care for them when he can.


Thank you, Advanced Spinal Rehab, for taking such great care of me for these past two to three years! God bless you for what you do!"


- Luda K.



"Let me first tell you that I have been an avid proponent of chiropractic for nearly 30 years.  It has been my main source for health, not simply pain relief.  It was a turning point for me, one that opened the door to an entirely new approach to health, healing and wellness.  Truly, it set in motion the rest of my life and opened doors that I could never have foreseen, including a career in bodywork and healing.


I met Dr. Scot Sorum when he and his then partner purchased the chiropractic clinic where I was a patient.  In the earliest days, it was very much business as usual.  He treated me, my husband, our two older children and our infant daughter; and then something shifted and changed. The walls started disappearing; ‘warm up’ became more that ten minutes on a spinalator...there were exercises! It became more like a gym where everyone was working toward their own health instead of simply showing up and expecting someone else to heal them.  X-rays, consultations, nerve transmission feedback...all became usable, workable information for helping patients to understand exactly what the dysfunction was and then offering a path to resolve issues. One of the key components with ASR is education. You aren’t expected to blindly and passively hand over your prerogative.


I had been in chiropractic for 10+ years due to multiple head and neck injuries in my youth and though I experienced better movement, less pain and overall better health prior to seeing Dr. Scot....nothing prepared me for getting my life back.  That might sound strange, but there was clearly one moment where I realized I was no longer just getting through the day but rather that this cloud that had been dampening my energy, my mental and emotional state...had lifted.  I was no longer just reducing symptom; I was actually restructuring and restoring, which changed everything for me.


In the years following, I spent some time working with Dr. Scot and his team.  In the beginning, getting folks to believe in the exercises was a challenge but then it changed. I saw patients restore curves to their spine and saw disc height grow which reduced compression and nerve impingement. I witnessed Dr. Scot work in service to a patient who had lost most of his sight as well as most of his ability to walk or work due to a fall while rock climbing. Within a week, he was wearing normal glasses but it took months for him to walk again on his own and get his life back.  The prognosis was poor at best until Dr. Scot became this hope.  Dr. Scot didn’t simply treat him; he advocated every day for his full recovery.


As for me, I continue to be a patient of Dr. Scot and his team...even from Texas.  He has seen me unable to move my head and neck after pummeling my head on the beach while body surfing.  When asked if I needed the ER, I was very clear that the ER would evaluate, medicate and send me for referral and that instead I would see Dr. Sorum in the morning.  My husband drove me to ASR for three consecutive sessions and then I was able to make the appointments on my own.


Today, I utilize the foundations of what I learned in rehab with ASR and apply it when treating my own clients.  It works! The only thing that keeps the work of ASR less than perfect is my own inability to stick with it when I am feeling well.  Thankfully, I feel well most of the time, thanks to Dr. Scot and his team.


There is simply no one I trust more with the rest of my life; that’s what this work has done for me.  The care that Dr. Scot offers and the home rehab he asks me to do determines in no small measure how I get to live the rest of my life.  I just can’t say enough...."


- Kristi M-C



"When I arrived at Advanced Spinal Rehab in September, 2016, I was scared and disheartened because the scoliosis was severe, much worse than I had suspected. Dr Scot Sorum's approach combines science, considerable experience, optimism and good humor. He reviewed my films with me, something my physicians hadn't done, and developed a program I could participate in. Within six months of good work from Scot and Davin--and me, the rapid deterioration plateaued, pain decreased, I got better function and my spirits improved.


I can't say enough good about the team at ASR."


- Patricia L.



"I have been going to chiropractor after chiropractor for 2 decades and no one was able to figure out what was wrong with me. Dr. Scot not only diagnosed what was going on, but has step-by-step walked me through the explanations, coaching, positive attitude needed to achieve my goals, and has finally given me hope. The staff at ASR is kind and patient and I know they have my best interest at heart."


- Stacey D.



"I found ASR via the CLEAR institute on Youtube while searching for real, non-invasive solutions for my mild scoliosis. I had a lot of questions, and when I called the office Dr. Scot spent an entire hour answering every one of my questions and listening like someone who cares. When you're used to hospitals and clinics that move you in and out as quickly as possible, it's a shock to find a doctor who will invest this kind of time for you, to gain your trust.


I only had limited finances and no insurance, so this would be a big investment for me. I needed something that could be done in a short period as I was leaving the country shortly after, and couldn't come back for checkups. After the phone consultation and sending in my old x-rays, Dr. Scot designed a treatment course specifically for me that would have the maximum impact for the limited time I could come in, providing know-how and equipment to continue on my own, confidently. I scheduled 3 days of treatment and made the trip over to Seattle from Spokane.


At the center, I was greeted warmly by all the staff and enjoyed the fun, positive atmosphere the entire time. I loved hearing patients and staff laughing at jokes, catching up with each other, and seeing smiling faces all day. One memory that makes me smile: seeing Dr. Scot walking around with pvc pipes and construction tools, hammering things outside to make cantilevers by hand, custom fit for his clients...and the fancy duct tapes he offers so you can customize your equipment. Dr. Scot and his staff are always professional and genuinely caring at the same time, so I felt moved at an emotional level, to be so taken care of. When you have something like scoliosis that is not going away anytime soon, and you have had pain and discomfort that you don't understand, it is a great emotional burden that you carry as well. To have such wonderful staff working to support your rehabilitation, for an entire day or more, I cannot tell you what an amazing and healing experience that was!


I had never done physical therapy or chiropractic before so I had a lot of questions, but Dr. Scot made it an educational experience as well, which empowered me to take ownership of my rehab. I discovered that his methods are not just chiropractic, nor are they just physical therapy. He does comprehensive analysis of your full medical history and your bio-mechanical and neurological presentations to determine a diagnosis and the best course of treatment. It was intense at times and I had to work hard, but I left ASR feeling so encouraged. I had no pain in my back, and a lot of joy in my heart. I now have a supportive staff behind me, I know what I can do every day to get real results in my spine, and I get to check-in periodically with Dr. Scot on videochat and make small changes to my routine. I am set! Thank you to everyone at ASR, I really am so grateful I found you guys!"


- Allison K.



"I found Dr. Scot and ASR while searching online for non-surgical scoliosis treatment options almost 2 years ago. Self-researching any health condition can be daunting and frustrating but scoliosis is especially bad because generally the options are either massive, life-altering surgery or non-customized symptom treatment from a chiropractor or physical therapist. I'd been doing this song and dance for over a decade off and on, but as an otherwise healthy and active 30-year-old I was starting to notice my back slowing me down more than before and I became determined to do something about it.


I knew exactly what I wanted because I'd asked for it from physical therapists before: a customized, evidence-based treatment that is based on good science and current research, and an exercise plan that will give me the power and control to stay healthy throughout my life. Even being willing and able to work hard for this goal I was unable to find it until Dr. Scot and ASR. Here you will get an individual treatment plan based on a careful analysis of X-Rays and your unique spine. You'll get guidance and support as you start to work towards correcting your body, both from the staff and the other patients. The results have exceeded everything else I've ever tried by leaps and bounds, and the feeling of successfully tackling this difficult health problem with a caring and attentive doctor and staff is very empowering, especially for people like myself who have spent many years getting mixed signals from other practitioners and seeing only minor or temporary improvements.


If any of what I've described sounds familiar to you and you want professional help taking action to keep yourself healthy and active into the future, then I'd highly recommend giving this doctor, staff, and community a try."


- Dan E.



"When I first met Dr. Scot I was 45 and experiencing significant back pain that was limiting my ability to work and take care of my family.  I had been diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11 and wore a Milwaukee brace for three years--23 hours a day.  At that time my curve was 25 degrees.  Fast forward 30 years and two kids later and my curve had progressed to nearly 60 degrees with significant degenerative changes (why did I wear that brace again?).   I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that multi-level fusions would be needed to correct the scoliosis. No thanks!  I decided to undergo a week of intensive treatment with Dr. Scot and the staff.  What an amazing week!


Dr. Scot did a thorough assessment and discussed the science behind what we would be doing that week…not just an orthopedic, musculoskeletal approach, but a neurologic one too! The atmosphere was fun and interactive and the staff was friendly and attentive.  By week’s end, with hard work, my curve had reduced by 9 degrees and my pain was gone!  They gave me a personalized home exercise program with the tools to maintain these gains and hopefully progress even further.  For the first time, I had hope that surgery was not the only answer to scoliosis!


Dr. Scot constantly seeks to expand his knowledge…he is never satisfied!  Each time I have returned for a follow up visit, he has learned something new or made changes to the program based on new evidence or new training he has received.  He never thinks, "I know it all".  That is one of the things I really admire about Dr. Scot…he is passionate about his profession and his patients!


My daughter, who is 13, also was found to have scoliosis and is now seeing Dr. Scot and the staff too…cause guess what the orthopedic Dr. recommended…bracing!  Oh brother!  She has already reduced her curve by 5 degrees and is maintaining the reduction while she is growing.


We travel 3 hours from the peninsula for our visits because we believe in this program!

We are so grateful for Dr. Scot and Advanced Spinal Rehab!  Thank you!!"


- Jennifer and Sydney F.



"Our daughter Holly was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2016 when she was 12 years old.  We were referred to a local hospital where they recommended a brace, which she would be required to wear several hours each day.  When we got home, we began researching alternative treatments, and following a recommendation from another mom whose daughter also had scoliosis, we came upon the CLEAR Institute method and Dr. Scot Sorum at the Advanced Spinal Rehab Center.


Our first visit with Dr. Scot was both informative and encouraging.  Over the past year it has been humbling to watch how positive my daughter has been in performing her exercises along with all the other school and extra-curricular activities she is involved in.  We have seen improvements to her curve and we very happy with our decision to pursue this type of treatment.  I think what impresses me most about Dr. Scot and his staff (Davin in particular), is their genuine concern and caring about not only my daughter’s physical condition, but also her emotional state.  While I’m not sure that I can characterize her treatment as “fun”, she never complains and usually has a smile on her face during our visits.  I think that says a lot about both her commitment and the environment at ASR. I can wholeheartedly encourage anyone in similar circumstances to visit Dr. Scot for a consultation and treatment."


-  Lana B.



"I have been going to advanced spinal rehabilitation for going on seven years and have had nothing but good results.  Scoliosis wise, through intensive therapy and home exercises, my curvature improved and Dr. Scot and team have been able to keep my condition from causing me any pain.  I am a competitive swimmer and feel this has been the very best treatment for me to have gotten into because Dr. Scot focuses on the entire body's well being.  I learn something new about the workings of the spine and brain almost every appointment.  Currently I am swimming and studying in Pennsylvania and cannot wait to visit the ASR crew who my family and I have grown to trust and develop great relationships with."


-Julia H.

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